What We Do

MissionKonnect is helping nonprofits establish and improve their communications, fundraising and mission management systems. Our proven process comes from our hands-on experience with the technology AND strategies utilized by today’s successful non-profits to connect and engage donors and volunteers with your Mission. Our team has first-hand experience working within nonprofit organizations and we are well versed in the possibilities and pitfalls of the non-profit environment. From streamlining and automation to implementation of new Online and CRM solutions, we understand the impact of using technology to move your Mission forward.

We believe in making every communication count. Whether that’s a page on a website, a newsletter, a tweet, API integration or email – everything we do must support your organization, help tell your story, create a great user experience and generate measurable value. We also help with business strategy, child sponsorships, online registrations, websites, graphic design, printing and online fundraising activities.

We operate as a “Technology As A Service” business and our fees are set according to which software tools and services we provide and the level of those services. Typical clients pay between $600 and $1500 a month for our services.