Who We Are

After sharing similar experiences with different short-term mission trips, Tony and Rick were introduced and decided to start a company specifically to help mission organizations and non-profits do a better job of connecting to their participants, volunteers and donors – hence the name, MissionKonnect.

We feel that God has brought us together to serve Mission Organizations and those Non-profits making the world a better place. We help our clients connect with their constituents and volunteers by leveraging cloud-based software solutions, API intergrations, and donor database management.

Really, we just want to turn people into advocates for your mission and make the world a better place in the process!


Nonprofits can lose up to 60% of their donors and volunteers in a given year.

According to the 2012 Fundraising Effectiveness Project –  for every $1000 gained in donation dollars to an organization – it was offset by $1000 in reduced gifts and lapsed donors.

Many Mission Ministries do amazing Kingdom work, but do a bad job at sharing their story, connecting with their supporter, and utilizing the complete functionality of their current CRM systems.

Today’s donors don’t want to invest or give “to” an organization, but rather they want to invest or give “through” an organization.

Donors want to see a much greater level of transparency and want to know the impact their donations are having on the organization.

Most nonprofit organizations don’t have the resources, time or training to implement the proper email marketing campaigns, segmentation, social media announcements, drip nurturing programs or donor scoring functions.

According to a recent Bloomerang study – 53% of donors leave due to the charity’s lack of communication.


Mission Konnect is more than just a non-profit consulting agency or a software company. We have pooled together the latest in best practices for engagement, donor management, fundraising, loyalty, donor retention and automation software to create what we call “relationship management services”.  Our online forms, tested methods and software solutions help mission groups and non-profits connect better with their participants, volunteers and donors.

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